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Sound Minds Better Men

Sound Minds Better Men

Sound Minds Better Men

Sound Minds Better Men

If you are reading this, then you are a mate, or a mate of a mate, and therefore a mate of ours.

We hope you take the two minutes to read about this charity and make it part of your life.

Understanding Men’s Mental Health Challenges

Many of the challenges in society emanate from mental health. As a group, men tend to gather less in the community to talk about issues like mental health. Instead, men tend to withhold their emotions, as well as physical and mental challenges.

Helping men tackle the difficult subject of mental health will not only help that one person, but, potentially, a series of complex issues that flow.

Let’s face it, Aussie blokes find it hard to ‘fess the beans about how we are really feeling. There’s this unspoken rule to be tough and not let on if the headspace is a bit wonky. It’s almost better to be quiet and wonky than speak about mental health.

Unfortunately, we have all had mates who have done it tough for a bit (or a long time). And we know that it has an effect on husbands, wives, sons and daughters, as well as their wider community. And that’s ultimately why this charity has been set up … lets have SOUND MINDS, lets have BETTER MEN and let’s make this a better community.


Seeing the gap in the way charities raise funds, especially for supporting, made us feel that we should step up to the plate.

WE are privileged. WE live in an incredible, war-free country, where if you work hard, you will be rewarded. And we have done OK and so have you. But we know it took some grit and resilience to get where we are going … and now we are going to ask you to help again. It’s not just about helping one mate out; it’s about making a difference that ripples through the whole crew.

Sound Minds Better Men dreams of a place where mental health is just another chat over a cold one, free from any awkward vibes.

Every dollar raised goes straight into causes that line up with the goal of making sure our mates get the care and support they need.
The founders have pledged to pay 100% of all the administration costs from their hard-earned dollars. This isn’t about fancy admin – it’s about rolling up the sleeves and getting the job done.